Dear Church

Dear Church,

I can’t give you money.

Since we’re at that time of year where it feels like everyone is asking, I just want to be up front about it: I can’t give you money. And the reason is, I have no money to give.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve received gifts from me at one point or another, so you don’t need me to tell you I would if I could; you already know I give when I can, to whomever I can.

Right now, I can’t.

But, as I hope we all know, there are other things besides money that can be given, and these I give happily, whether to my local church or to past churches or to the universal community that I’ve found online.

I can give you my presence. For when you don’t have anything to say and don’t need anyone to say anything. For when you just need to know someone is there. I am a great presence.

I can give you my ears. For when you need to be understood. I am a great listener.

I can give you my heart. For when you need to know someone cares about you. I am a great expresser.

I can give you my smile. I have dimples. I am a great smiler.

I can give you my talents. I am thrilled to spend time with your kids, teaching them the Bible, playing games with them, and of course, coloring and other creative projects. I am thrilled to offer Small, But Wise, a Proverbs-based curriculum that I designed to you free of charge, and am generally able to take on other similar writing projects without being paid as well. I am a great teacher, and a great writer.

I also love washing dishes, so you know…

And there are probably dozens of other things I offer in this moment – none of them money. But what I have is available to you.

You can rest assured, that when money is available to be given, I will give it. That is my track record.

Until then…


(Just. Kidding.)