That Awkward Moment When…

There are a lot of awkward moments for writers.

Unlike most other professions, people have no problem asking you how much you make. Of course, they don’t ask so directly – no, they’ll ask how many copies you’ve sold and what percentage of royalties you’ve earned.

They treat it like a hobby, something you can shelve any time.

Even when they acknowledge it’s what you do (or at least, a big part of what you do), somehow they think it’s easy: I wish I could sit around writing books all day. Uh-huh.

By far, though, the most awkward encounter I’ve had as a writer about my writing is someone approaching me about writing – well, his story idea.

Today I’m on Sarah Elizabeth Boucher’s blog talking about this encounter and how it inspired me. Sarah is one of my favorite authors and writers … I reviewed her novel, Becoming Beauty, last November, which I adored, but I also just love her blog, which always has timely advice. Make sure you follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Without further ado, here is my awkward author encounter in all it’s glory:

I truly thought they were being dramatic, those writers who complain about people who say, “You know what you should write…” or, “I have this story idea…” I guess I was just jealous because it had never happened to me… [READ MORE]