Sudden Mission by Guy L. Pace



About Sudden Mission (from Amazon):

Satan, once one of God’s favorites, now His Adversary, grows impatient with the plan and begins to harvest souls. In a fell swoop, he throws reality out of whack and the world into chaos. God calls on Paul and his friends Amy and Joe to set things right. The young teens journey through a messed up world—with a little help from an angel—struggling against everything the Adversary can throw in their path to accomplish their Sudden Mission.

With their world and their parents’ lives hanging in the balance—and the Adversary sending everything from zombies to Samurais to stand in their way—Paul will discover if he has the strength and faith to set things right again and stop Satan’s harvest.

About Guy L. Pace (from Amazon):

Guy L. Pace, born in Great Falls, MT, grew up in the Pacific Northwest. He served in the US Navy, including combat operations in Vietnam in 1972.

He was a Navy journalist, and worked primarily in community newspapers as a reporter, photographer, editor and finally a managing editor. He changed careers in the mid-80’s getting into computer support, training, networking and systems, and eventually information security. He retired in 2011 after more than 20 years working in higher education.

He lives with his wife, Connie, in Spokane, where he gets to spend time with children and grandchildren, and ride his Harley-Davidson.

You can connect with Guy on his website, Facebook, and Twitter.

My Review:

I give Sudden Mission by Guy L. Pace 4 out of 5 stars.

When a black fog descends on Washington, D.C. and their families mysteriously disappear, Paul, Joe, and Amy’s world is turned upside down. It gets even crazier when an enigmatic man shows up and tells Paul he’s the one responsible for making it right.

From start to finish, there is never a dull moment – trolls, zombies, demonic monks, aliens, and samurais. A carefully-planned cross-country trek from North Carolina to Montana takes several unexpected turns including a warp with fantasy elements, and along with the characters, you wonder if they’ll ever make it to their destination, and what they’ll face when they get there.

The protagonists – Paul, Amy, and Joe – are compelling, and they are joined by a diverse cast of characters throughout their journey.  The coyote reminded me of D from The Field, probably because in essence, they are the same character. It was interesting to consider how the enemy uses the same tactics on everyone: deception, trying to get them to give up, attacking what is lacking in them,… I’m grateful to see more books exposing these tactics.

I was somewhat disappointed in the climactic moment, which, after everything leading up to it seemed, well, anticlimactic. I think I just wanted something bigger.

Overall, though, this is the kind of story I can see my nephews reading and loving, and I highly recommend it for teen and preteen boys.

Full Disclosure: Guy L. Pace and I are both published through Vox Dei. This review was not solicited, and contains my unadulterated opinion.