Spreading Shame

Lately, a number of posts have cropped up in my newsfeed that talk about something someone did, accompanied by an exhortation to spread that person’s shame.

It seems…

It seems we are eager – too eager – to share the shame of others.

Sure, we need to talk about and be active in what’s going on in our world. That’s a given. What we don’t need to do is talk and activate with a goal of shame.

I imagine my own shame being slapped on a meme or a video and going viral.

The “good” Christian girl just flipped someone the bird. Spread her shame.

She’s a glutton. Spread her shame.

She attracts the wrong kind of attention. Spread her shame.

That fills me with dread, as I imagine it would anyone who takes an honest look inward.

Shame wasn’t introduced to the world until after the Fall. You know what that tells me? Shame is from the Enemy. It is not part of God’s intention for His creation. Even after the Fall, shame is not in His plan of redemption.

Should we talk about short tempers on the road? Absolutely. Should we talk about overeating? Absolutely. Should we talk about body image issues? Absolutely.

Justice. Restoring creation to its rightful purpose. That is what God is all about.

So we should round off a conversation about road rage with patience and grace. We should round off a conversation about eating disorders with gratitude and abundance. We should round off a conversation about body image with God’s image.

We should always be asking, “What is God trying to make right here?”

Not shame.

Never shame.