When You Spill a Cup of Water…

I once heard an illustration from the great Hudson Taylor.  Well, not from him, exactly, but from a preacher who attributed it to him.  Regardless, this illustration is now stuck in my mind.

Let’s say we have a glass of water, and it gets knocked over.  What happens?

“Well,” you might say, “you have a big mess to clean up.”

You’re missing my point, I think, so I try to rephrase my question.  What if it’s a glass of orange juice?

“Duh,” you say, “the orange juice goes everywhere.”

You are correct, of course, but still not understanding my point.

Whether we have a glass of water, or orange juice, or pop, or milk, or nothing at all, one thing is sure:  when that glass is knocked over, what is inside comes out.

Think about that with me for a minute: what’s inside comes out.

When you’re hit with a life circumstance that knocks you down, know this if you know nothing else:  what is inside will come out.  Things you maybe didn’t even know were in your heart will come out.  The point is not that being knocked down is messy, but that what you really, truly believe in your heart of hearts comes out.

For me, this has been one of those weeks where what is inside has come out.  It’s not all pretty, but there is this one thing that I hold on to:  I trust God.  I admit freely that I do not understand what He is doing, but I do trust Him.  And I trust that He wants to do good things for me, in me, and through me.   In the midst of disappointment, varying levels of resentment, and straight-up hard circumstances, I know that.   And in the end, that’s the most important thing.  That what everyone around sees come out is a doesn’t-make-sense-at-all trust in HIM.

Originally posted on Wilderness Adventure.