#FlashFiction: Don’t Mess with Me

The following is a mostly true story. Names have been omitted to protect the innocent, and not-so-innocent.

He drives up to the video store every Thursday evening to rent a DVD for the weekend. He comes in a beat-up van that tells her he’s a plumber, even though inside the store, he regales her with stories of his involvement with the Greek mafia.

One night, the elderly gentleman leaves his wallet on the counter, so she runs out after him to return it.

“Thank you,” he says, fishing around in his wallet before handing her a business card. “If you ever need someone killed, I’m your man.”

He winks, and she smiles back.

On her way back into the store she turns the card over.

“Get A Person Killed Free Card,” it says, followed by the gentleman’s name and number.

Her cellphone pings with an incoming text message.

I think we should break up.

She fingers the card, smirking. “Well,” she says. “This will be handy.”