My Greatest Fear As a Writer

As I gear up to re-launch The Field through Vox Dei Publishing (edits, and covers, and marketing plans, oh my!), I once again face my fear of letting my writing out of the gate – this time, to a potentially broader audience. It’s not really letting other people read my work. Because I’m young(ish), and seeing how I’ve grown and changed even in the past couple of years, I worry that as I get older I’ll regret my plot decisions, or won’t like my writing that much at all.

Even though I wrote this over a year ago, I find it still rings true:

My greatest fear as a writer is not really letting the world read my work.  The person I am most intimidated about reading my work is my future self.  I am afraid that in five or ten years I will look back on my work today and think it is nothing special, that it’s not very good.  That I’ll wish I’d written things differently.

Given enough time, I become my own harshest critic.  That is the truth.

As I was really considering this several weeks ago, a story was trending about J. K. Rowling.  She mentioned that if she could go back and do it again, Ron and Hermione wouldn’t end up together, and something about personal wish fulfillment.

That’s when I realized: of course as I grow as a writer I will begin to see more of the flaws in my own writing.  The difference is that now I’m okay with it.  If J. K. Rowling can look back on a series that so many people love and talk about things she sees differently now, I can certainly do that.

The point is not perfection.  The point is to put myself out there, and grow in the process.

Must keep reminding myself of this!

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Sometimes Past Lydia makes a good point. 😉


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  1. I think we’ve all been here. I still get nervous about re-reading through Entertaining Angels. I refuse to pick up my works that were self-published because I know that I’m not happy with them and I will want to pull them and re-do the entire thing! I do love seeing my growth as an author though, so I love that you pulled that in! I can’t wait to read your book for one. I know it’s gonna be great!

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