Children’s Book Week: The SuperBrother Squad Vs. The Aquatic Carrots of Doom by Jenay Sherman


About The SuperBrother Squad vs. the Aquatic Carrots of Doom:

The SuperBrother Squad is ready for action! SuperSean leads his brothers, Wonder William, Dillonator, and Austinman, on an extreme adventure to fight their fiercest enemy…carrots.

Will the carrot nemesis defeat them? Will they wash away the carrot ninjas with a giant wave of toilet water? Will Mom catch them and put them in timeout?

Join our heroes as they fight to protect all that they hold dear…

and dinner…

About Jenay Sherman:

Jenay Sherman is the mother of the original SuperBrother Squad. They are currently saving the day in the Dallas, TX area.

Her superpower is being a know-it-all. She loves green beans and aquatic carrots, but her nemesis is the lima bean.

To keep up with the boys hijinks, visit her blog at and like her Facebook page.

My nephew Jason (who was three at the time this book came out) loved it.  I was pretty amused, too.