#MyDIY: Antique Steamer Trunk

When I went away to school, my mom thought I should have a trunk.  She didn’t want me spending money on the ones they sell at Walmart, so she hauled my grandma’s steamer trunk from World War II down from the attic, and shipped me off with it.

It was (and still is) in pretty bad condition.  It’s rusty, a lot of the hardware has long since disappeared, the contact paper inside is peeling, and it’s kind of all-around nasty-looking.

I’ve just been using it to store stuff for my kitchen (which, you know, I don’t have yet).

Then, this past weekend, I got this idea that it could be something more. After all, it wasn’t always this way – it has an incredible history that should be preserved.  It’s been in attics and closets and I even used it as a sort of table in my dorm, but you can tell by looking at it that it hasn’t been cared for in the way it should have been.

So, I’ve taken it upon myself to restore this sad not-so-little steamer trunk.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll come to a better understanding of who my grandma was along the way.

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