Unlovable: A Poem

Sometimes, I write poetry.  Sometimes, it’s not pretty.  It’s always raw.

This is actually an old poem that I wrote a little over a year ago on my personal blog.  I got thinking about it reading Ashley Townsend’s Chasing Shadows, and thought I’d post it here.


our generational curse

bequeathed to us by matriarchs

who pushed the bounds

and found the limits

too far

and too late


our burden to know

and feel like frauds

if we don’t let others see

and experience our unlovable-ness

too big

for just ourselves


we become like them

like our foremothers

constantly pushing and proving

to ourselves


and yet we’re loved –

a complete mystery to us

it’s wrong

it’s all wrong

it’s so wrong

for we are

and always will be –

can never be anything but


they prove it, too

don’t they?

when they make mistakes

loving us

and we learn it again

as if we could ever forget it

we are



Originally published on Wilderness Adventure

Copyright: Lydia Thomas, 2014