Kings and Queens: A Review



About Kings and Queens (from Amazon):

KINGS AND QUEENS tells of the life and loves of charismatic Harry Lanchester, which just happen to mirror the story of Henry VIII and his six wives. All the passion and suspense of the Tudor court, but set in modern times.

Harry’s realm is his South of England property developing company, Lanchester Estates, while his ‘wives’ are the twentieth century sisters of their historic counterparts: Anne Boleyn is reincarnated as the equally intriguing Annette Hever, and Henry VIII’s fifth wife with the risqué past, Catherine Howard, lives again in 1999 as Keira Howard, a former lap dancer.

The saga is narrated by each of the six women, in turn, interspersed with short chapters from the point of view of Harry’s lifelong friend, Will Brandon.

About Terry Tyler (from Amazon):

Terry lives in the north of England with her husband, and has published nine books on Amazon. Readers say she has created her own genre, which lies somewhere in the area of contemporary drama and romantic suspense, with the occasional bit of rock fiction thrown in.

A light, summer novella, ‘Round and Round’ is her latest release; ‘Kings and Queens’ is her latest of seven full length novels, and is a modern day re-telling of the story of Henry VIII and his six wives. A sequel is in progress.

When she is not writing, she practices housework avoidance, advanced Twittering, and worship at the altars of Jack Bauer, Tyrion Lannister, Deacon Claybourne and the macho blond one in ‘Vikings’.

Terry has a blog on which she writes about anything she feels like, and also writes for the UK Arts Directory on a weekly basis about self-publishing. Both blogs are widely read.

You can connect with her on her blog and Twitter.

My Review:

I give Terry Tyler’s Kings and Queens 4 out of 5 stars.

When I first heard about Terry Tyler’s Kings and Queens, a modern day retelling of Henry VIII’s court, I was intrigued.  Outside of the end of the Romanov dynasty and the Bolshevik revolution in the early 20th century, the Tudors (especially Henry VIII and his children) are my favorite royal family from history.  Naturally, Kings and Queens went straight to my to-read pile.  (Which is not a literal pile, because it’s mostly on my Kindle).

It didn’t disappoint.  Each of Henry VIII’s wives had her modern day parallel who struggled with relatable issues: food, self-image, drugs, control, and even Daddy issues. And some of the economic issues Harry found himself dealing with in his company reminded me strongly of Henry VIII’s England.

I did find Will Brandon’s narration a little dense at times, like I was reading a history book instead of a novel.

Overall, though, Kings and Queens was a fun read.  I recommend it for fans of Henry VIII’s reign, The Tudors (ShowTime), or even Reign  (CW). (Please don’t be shocked that I’ve watched and enjoyed both of those shows).  I’m looking forward to reading The Last Child.