It’s a Christmas Special!

Hello, lovelies.  🙂

Just wanted to let you know that today through December 25th, the paperback version of The Field is on sale for $6.50.  If you’re wanting to order and read it (and I’m not saying you are), this is the absolute BEST deal you’re going to get for it.

Here’s the synopsis:

Once upon a time there was a village. Along the south border of the village was a gravel road, and beyond the road, a field. This was no ordinary field, for it was strewn with waste from and trespass into it was expressly forbidden by the King.

Although they have been warned about the consequences of trespassing by village elders and even the King himself, Delilah, Lilly and Hava cross over at the counsel of a philosopher who promises liberation. In doing his bidding, they quickly realize they do not know what they had always felt sure of.

Through their respective encounters with the Field, Delilah, Lilly and Hava each take up their own roles in the age-old battle between the King and those who oppose him.

Yes, it’s an allegory; no, I don’t apologize for that.  There aren’t many guarantees in this life, but if you don’t appreciate allegory, you’re definitely not going to like my book.  (Fair warning).

However, if you like allegory, or you’re in late elementary or middle school, you’ll probably like it.

If you’re still not sure, check these posts out.

So, you know, click on over to Lulu and buy it if you’re interested.