Teaser Tuesday: Emma Tells a Story

But you don’t get to hear it.  You only get to hear what her friend, Will, thinks about it.  (I’m cruel, I know). UPDATE: You can now read the story here.

“The end,” I conclude.

Will shakes his head.

“That’s a terrible ending,” he declares.

I shrug, and take a sip from the mug I’ve brought from home, that he made my drink in and slid across the counter at me a few minutes ago.

“But was it a good enough story to warrant a discount?” I ask, waggling my eyebrows at him.

Will sighs.

“I suppose,” he grumbles. “I’ll give you twenty percent off.”

I squeal and clap my hands.

“I’ve improved by fifteen percent,” I gush.

“Your protagonist was still too passive for my liking,” Will says. “And that ending was” – he breaks off and shakes his head.

“Endings don’t have to be happy, you know,” I say, still relishing my discount.

“Yeah, but your protagonist basically ended up exactly where she started,” Will replies.

“Not exactly,” I say. “She still has the white gown.”

“Right,” Will returns, “but what good is that if she’s not wearing it like a white gown? I feel like your protagonist’s attitude is that it may as well be rags.”

“That is her attitude,” I insist.

From my novel,  A Year with the Baptists.


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