If My Siblings Wrote Books

For those of you who don’t know,  I have four brothers and three sisters.  (Yes, we all share the same parents; no, we’re not Mormon or Catholic.  We were an ATI family back in the day, though, so there’s that).  We’re all creative and artistic in our own ways, and a few of us are even writers in different capacities.  I got to thinking the other day: if my siblings were each to write a book, what kind of book would they write?

Obviously, this is all from my point of view.  I didn’t sit them down and ask them what types of books they would want to write or anything.   For the readers who are my siblings or know my siblings, how accurate do you think this is?

Brother #1:  I feel like my oldest brother would write a how-to manual on something, like installing hardwood flooring or a new shower, or maybe how to make those cool things that go on your fishing rod. (I’ve completely forgotten what they’re called, but he makes his own).

Sister #1: My oldest sister is already a writer, and I think she could write about a lot of things, but I see her first book being a cookbook, probably one of those chatty ones with anecdotes and helpful tips.  (In all fairness, she already has a sort of online cookbook: a meal-planning service, complete with menus, grocery lists, and recipes called She Plans Dinner).

Brother #2:  I think my next oldest brother would probably write a book full of pithy sayings and dogmatic opinions.  (Think along the lines of Duck Dynasty, but you know, a book).  Either that or a doctrinal manifesto.*

Sister #2:  I feel like my next older sister would write a book about crafty, D.I.Y. stuff.  She’s very crafty. (And I’m very punny).

Brother #3: My charismatic next oldest brother will probably write an inspirational memoir about his roaring successes.  If I had to guess a title, I’d think somewhere along the lines of I Became a CEO at Thirty-Five (And You Can, Too!), or if he goes with a photography as his theme, I’ll Fix It in Post.

Brother #4: My younger brother could potentially write a lot of books: books on musical education, a memoir (near the end of his life), or a book on doctrine.*

Sister #3:  My younger sister also writes, and I see her writing those romances that you see in grocery stores, or feel-good beach reads.

(Yes, this really is our birth order, and I’m sandwiched between brother #4 and brother #3).

Me? Well, as you know I’ve written an allegory, am working on a novel that explores themes I’ve been wrestling with in a fiction setting, and I’ve got a historical fantasy series percolating.  (Hey, variety is the spice of life).

*It’s worth noting that although brother #2 and brother #4 could both write doctrinal works, they would be on opposite ends of the spectrum.

For those of you who are my siblings or know them pretty well, how do you think I did? If you’re a writer, what kind of books do you think your siblings would write?



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