Hard to Believe

It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since I graduated from the University of North Texas with my Bachelor of Arts in Radio, Television, and Film.

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since God told me to be still, and I didn’t, so I burned out instead.  In that place of burnout, though, I began to get niggling feelings about writing.  (I hadn’t focused on my personal fiction writing since before I went to college at sixteen).

It’s hard to believe it’s been one year since I started writing again in earnest, and in this time I’ve written a play, a book, and am over 35,000 words into my new novel (that doesn’t feel so new anymore).

It’s hard to believe that writing is my path, something so good, so enjoyable.

It’s hard to believe the passage of time, the transpiring of events in my life, how I’ve come into my own, and I’m different than I expected.

All of this reminds me that God is the masterful Author of my story, and that I need to be faithful with the stories He has given me to write.