R. J. Conte’s ‘Angel-Lover’ Is Reminiscent of Nicholas Sparks


Synopsis (from Amazon):

Chad is a reclusive teenager whose thoughts are full of loneliness and suicide. The only thing that he obsesses over more than planning his own death is the nicest, sweetest, most beautiful girl in school. As he stalks her and watches her, he learns the truth about who she is and, in the process, finds Something Else he did not expect.

About the Author:

RJ Conte, formerly Rachael Lynn Thomas, is a piano and voice teacher, poetry and short story-contest host and judge, and a former writing teacher, as well as a former editor for an indie periodical for girls. She is also a wife and mother of two beautiful toddlers.

My Review:

I give Angel-Lover by RJ Conte 3 out of 5 stars.

Mrs. Conte has written a book in the vein of a Nicholas Sparks’ romance, complete with unrequited feelings that eventually lead the protagonist to faith. (Full disclosure: I am not a big fan of Nicholas Sparks, though I consider him a master in contemporary romance).

While I appreciated the author for accurately conveying the fear of death that overcomes a person during an OD, I felt parts of the protagonist’s experiences were overly simplified and perhaps inaccurate for people who deal with these things. I also felt Conte did a masterful job with the dream sequence and the poem directly following her protagonist’s first visit to church.

As a believer, and knowing the author views this work as evangelistic, I worry too much emphasis was placed on the protagonist’s love interest being the reason behind his conversion, and not enough focus on Jesus as Savior.

Overall, there was solid narrative structure and character development, and it was a quick, easy read.


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