Teaser Tuesday: Emma’s Career

A little teaser for your Tuesday, from A Year with the Baptists:

“What about you, Emma?” Micah asks so abruptly I jump a little. “What do you do?”

“Um, I’m an assistant manager of customer service at Bickney’s,” I admit hesitantly.

“The home décor store?” Micah’s tone is borderline incredulous. “Did you major in business?”

This is why I hate telling people how I make a living: I never feel quite so unsuccessful any other time as I do in these moments.

“No, actually,” I answer, grasping for composure, “I majored in journalism.”

“Ah,” Micah says, as if he’s got me pegged. “So you write?”

Daniel snorts and I glower at him.

“Not so much anymore,” I say. “Bickney’s keeps me pretty busy.”